Going Green

What better way to care for our planet then to spend everyday on products that help save our environment. Making a flooring decision in your home is not always easy. Once you figure out what product you want to buy, it becomes a process of narrowing down even further. Wouldn’t it be great if the product that you used everyday in your home was helping our environment?

We have the environment in mind when installing new floors. We offer an array of products that have been recycled or directly help the consumer on reaching the “Green” era.

Remember the 5 R’s

Most of our carpet manufacturers are active participants in improving the ecology of our planet. Did you know:

  • 1/4 of all soda bottles are recycled into carpet fiber?
  • 3 billion pounds of pre and post consumer waste is recycled into carpet fiber?
  • Carpet fiber is also manufactured from recycled tires, roofing materials, old furniture, old carpet and other sources?

If you want to go further, we offer natural, environmentally friendly flooring in cork, bamboo and wool. Wouldn’t it be great to know that each and every day you’re walking on all beautiful, comfortable and natural products AND contributing to a greener world?
Call 703-430-6229 for an appointment, or just come into either our Leesburg or Sterling store today and see for yourself how beautiful and environmentally friendly these products are. Or if you prefer, our sales associate will come to your home! Either way, WE INSIST you take samples home and make sure they are right for you.